CNC Machining Centers

Merrill Tool & Machine has a wide variety of 3, 4, and 5 axis machine centers in both the horizontal and vertical type and includes floor and gantry style mills for large part machining; automatic pallet changers on several of the machines with a maximum machining capacity of 4,536 cubic feet in size; floor mills that accommodate parts up to 7 feet tall, 15 feet wide and 56 feet long giving Merrill Tool & Machine a competitive edge and ability to reduce setup and spindle down time thus increasing productivity.  The climate controlled 120,000 square foot facility is equipped with a 100,000-lb lifting capacity and 32 feet under crane hook allow flexibility for handling with relative ease and safety, moving around those extremely large cumbersome components.

Merrill Tool & Machine is a valuable supplier of very intricate and complex parts including:

  • Machine tool bases and beds
  • Transfer framework for robotic systems
  • Precision die plates and press bolsters
  • Jet engine test stand and flight hardware

This allows us to offer custom cnc machining for the following industries:

  • Defense
  • Heavy equipment
  • Energy and mining
  • Aerospace
  • Gas & oil