Horizontal Grinding

Merrill Tool & Machine is a premier source for precision grinding services including large diameter and long length ID/OD grinding. Our capabilities permit handling parts up to 32 inches in diameter and 120 inches between centers while holding precise tolerances to 0.0005” over the entire length of the part.

Merrill Tool & Machine is a trusted partner for parts such as:

• Heavy equipment axels
• Wind and aircraft turbine shafts
• Mining and deep drilling applications
• Offshore gas and oil components
• Military components

Vertical Grinding

Merrill Tool & Machine is equipped with large diameter vertical equipment which is used to provide close tolerance fine finish ID/OD grinding.  With these attributes, Merrill Tool & Machine offers precision grinding services which provide greater accuracy, roundness, concentricity and surface finish for a variety of industries on some very intricate parts including:

• Aircraft duct and segment assemblies
• Large spindle shafts, actuators and turrets
• Gear blanks
• Oil drilling components
• Weapon mount turret gear assemblies