• Military Vehicle Manufacturer Case Study

“Anything’s Possible”

Approximately four years ago, a customer in the defense industry sought out Merrill Tool & Machine to help with fabrication and machining of a very difficult vehicle component that other vendors did not have the technology to produce.

The part was designed to be a bent tube weldment and critical component on a prototype defense vehicle. Merrill Tool & Machine was faced with multiple challenges to overcome before offering a sound solution to the customer. Due to the geometric complexity of the part and lead time, other vendors were unable to process a quote that met the requirements and deliver the part in the required time frame. Merrill Tool approached the challenges with its typical “anything’s possible” attitude. 

With ease of manufacturability in mind Merrill Tool & Machine consulted with the client to change the initial design and to accommodate tube bending. The recommendation, though very good, could not be an option because the vehicle was too far along in the development process to make any changes on the original designed component.

With options running thin and a deadline rapidly approaching Merrill Tool was able to engineer, design and build a thin wall bent piece of tube out of many solids. This was achieved with approximately 500 pounds of solid aluminum netting roughly seven pounds of finished welded product. Merrill Tool & Machine was able to deliver on time a finished part that exceeded customer expectations.