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Satisfying Clients’ Needs through Continuous Improvement

As Merrill Tool & Machine has been fortunate enough to do business with customers for more than 20 years, many challenges have been set forth with solutions provided by utilizing the strengths, resources and experience that both partners bring to the relationship. Sometimes helping to develop and manufacture hundreds of different components used by an Industrial Robotics Industry Leader can seem common but when you stand back and look at what together we have accomplished it is anything but.

In particular a valued client was experiencing costly field failures due to fluids getting by a seal deep with-in a robotic system. Complications occurred resulting in total system disassembly. The client would incur valuable down time expense along with the exorbitant cost of repair.

Merrill Tool & Machine approached the Robotics Engineering Group and offered to help by working side by side to develop a new design for the seal plate that would reduce or eliminate the possibility of a leak developing. By starting at the beginning and designing a part with manufacturability in mind, Merrill Tool & Machine improved the geometry of the plate, making it more compatible with a fixturing process. This opened a window of opportunity for a cost savings in the manufacturing process which in turn permitted using a better grade of material without increasing the cost of the part. This new material would result in better surface finishes which would improve the life span of the seal.

Resulting from the team work and cooperation that Merrill Tool & Machine exhibited, a part that costs less to manufacture and provides a higher level of quality accelerated a client toward their quest to be best-in-industry.  As part of the Merrill Technologies Group, we look forward to similar opportunities with other industry leaders, helping to secure goals in a growing and competitive world market.